Snipe-IT upgraded to 4.9.0

Please be advised that as of today, 14 March 2020, the Snipe-IT containers that are Managed by Lightspeed have all been upgraded from version 4.8.0 to version 4.9.0. We have retired the 4.8.0 series across all customers.


  • Added slightly friendlier error handling for assets without models
  • Include correct license, asset, etc count on user show API call
  • Remove not existent variable id in the redirect causing error (#7732)
  • Fix for weird JSON parsing in actionlogs when new custom fields are added and have no value and the asset is saved again (#7753)
  • Fixed #7752 – reformat /api/v1/users/me to use transformer
  • Fixed offset to use the actual item count as override instead of 0 (#7788)
  • Use “invalid barcode” image and suppress errors when barcode format is not compatible with existing assets
  • Fixed #7870: fixed SSL connectivity for PaaS DBs (#7874)
  • Added validation to reject email addresses over 250 characters in password reset to prevent buffer overflow
  • Fix for CVE-2019-10772


  • Moved ldap import ini settings to config (#7679)
  • Disallow 0 as a number for labels per page