UniFi Controller upgraded to v5.11.50

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Please be advised that the UniFi controller hosted in the Lightspeed cloud has been upgraded from version 5.11.46 to version 5.11.50. This is the latest (and probably final) release for UniFi SDN Controller 5.11, which is Ubiquiti’s current stable release branch. Release Notes: Minimum supported device firmware for UAP/USW is 4.0.9, and for USG it’s […]

CVE-2019-11043 – Vulnerability in PHP-FPM Could Lead to Remote Code Execution on nginx – mitigation applied

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Pending the qualification of the release of the RPM for PHP7.3.11 (we have deprecated PHP7.2 and earlier across our core webservers), we have applied mitigations to all hosted customer websites. Whilst we have made every effort to test for any anomalies that might be caused by the patch, given the scale of the mitigation, we […]