About Us

We are Lightspeed

“I started this company because after competing against Apache in my previous employment at Microsoft, I was amazed at the robustness of the OpenSource ecosystem – that four crazy researchers without even a company to hold them together could up-end the status quo by maintaining a market share of over 60% in the Web server market. Twenty years on, we now deploy Microsoft SQL Server on Linux containers in Docker as Microsoft has now embraced Linux and OpenSource. Miracles do happen.

Jeffrey Goh, Founder and CTO


We believe that making your infrastructure run fast, reliably and securely allows all kinds of magic to take place. To that end, Lightspeed provides the knowledge to make this happen by providing Managed Services across the OpenSource (and Microsoft) spectrum. Whether you are a small business who wants your WordPress website to be “hacker-proof” or you are a major telco who wants to optimize your voice systems running on SIP without packet dropouts (or anything in between, really) –  Lightspeed is there for you. This allows entrepreneurs, multi-nationals, educational institutions and NGOs alike to leverage our deep expertise in both On-Premise, On-Demand or Cloud deployments and sleep soundly at night knowing that all is running as it should be.

As a small and growing business, we honor other small and growing businesses – whether you’re a fintech startup or a small owner operated  cafe. We know it’s tough out there. At Lightspeed, we want to make your work more enjoyable by taking care of the “heavy lifting” on the infrastructure and applications so you can focus on being a shiny unicorn in your own field .

The entire Lightspeed team firmly believes that we can provide the right technology underpinnings so that all business owners can sell more, make their customers happier, and actually make the world a better place.