phpmyadmin upgraded to 5.2.0

Please be advised that as of today, 26 September 2022, the phpmyadmin instances that are Managed by Lightspeed have all been upgraded from version 5.1.3 to version 5.2.0. We have retired the 5.1.x release across all customers (skipping most notably 5.1.4).

What’s Changed between 5.1.3 and 5.2.0?

This release contains many new features and quite a few bug fixes.

  • Removed support for Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Requires PHP 7.2 or newer (we deployed using PHP 8.0+)
  • Requires the openssl PHP extension
  • Improved handling of system CA bundle and cacert.pem, falling back to Mozilla CA if needed
  • Replace “master/slave” terms with “primary/replica”
  • Add “NOT LIKE %…%” operator to Table search
  • Add support for the Mroonga engine
  • Add support for account locking
  • Several fixes and improvements to the SQL parser library
  • Remove jQuery SVG JavaScript dependency
  • Remove the use of the deprecated `strftime` function in OpenDocument exports
  • Remove jQuery SVG JavaScript dependency
  • Fix column visibility dropdown when the column name is too long

There are, of course, many more fixes and new features that you can see online at

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