Save money by renewing your domain for multiple years

If you managed to get a domain name you really like, you might feel like you want to keep it forever. Unfortunately, an infinite domain renewal is not possible. Not only would a “forever domain” be super pricey, but domain name registries also limit how many years you can renew your domain name in advance. For most domain names, like .COM, the limit is ten years, but other domain names have different limits. For example, the .IO registry only lets you renew for one year at a time.

If you’re trying to renew your domain name for multiple years and the transaction is failing, it may be because you’re trying to renew it for more years than the registry allows. Try the renewal again with fewer years, or just one year, and see if the transaction goes through.

As a guideline, here are the limits for the common .TLDs for our customers (1):

.com10 years
.sg2 years
.in10 years
.my5 years
.id2 years

Generally, the trend is toward a maximum of two (2) years, so that’s what we offer to our customers as the default.

We do recommend renewing for the maximum, especially for .com which has already announced annual upward revisions for the next 10 years.

(1) – believed to be correct at the time of publishing – Feb 2020 – errors & omissions excepted.