Upgrade your UniFi Firmware before 31st March 2019!

Dear Customers,

As we prepare for the rollout of version 5.10.19 of the UniFi Controller, we require all UniFi devices on the Lightspeed provided cloud controllers to be updated as follows :

minimum firmware for UAP/USW will be 4.0.10 and for USG will be 4.4.34.

Despite UniFi’s reassurances that it is possible to upgrade to 5.10.x of the Controller without affecting devices on older firmware, we have multiple field reports of devices out in the wild that require full factory reset to reconnect properly to the controller, hence the requirement for devices to be updated before being migrated.

PremierCare customers will have been automatically upgraded prior to being transferred to controller 5.10.19.

If you have a self-managed device, and are unable to perform this upgrade yourself, please request via Helpdesk for support under either FlexiCare (deduct one unit) or OneCare (hourly charges apply at adhoc rates). While we will make every effort to make this as update as painless as possible, a firm deadline of 31st March will apply after which your devices may not be manageable or updatable via the controller.

Below we reproduce a fragment from the UniFi support website to assist you:

How to Upgrade to Newest Firmware Version

A simple device upgrade to the most recent release can be done within the Controller, in the Devices section. An upgrade option will appear under the Actions column of each device when there is an available upgrade.

There is also the option of a rolling upgrade for APs. To do so, go to the Devices tab and click on APS. A button will appear on the upper, right-hand of the screen, offering the option to Start Rolling Upgrade if there are UAPs with pending upgrades on the list.