Pydio × Lightspeed updated to 2.2.6

Pydio was upgraded to 2.2.6. Please be advised that as of today, April 22 2021, the Pydio platform that is Managed by Lightspeed have all been upgraded from version 2.2.3 to version 2.2.6 We have retired the 2.2.3 Pydio version across all customers.

Release Pydio 2.2.6.

Bugfixes and improvements on address book (pagination), sendmail (see below) and sharding.

Sendmail translates a single line with a dot as an interruption command. If you are using this mailer, make sure to either configure it to ignore this configuration (see IgnoreDots). It is better to pass this as a static configuration, but it can also be done using runtime parameters. You can set them directly in Cells configuration file under the “defaults/sendmailParams” key (must be an array of strings).

For example, binary path and custom parameters can be set as follow :

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