Cells × Lightspeed – now at 3.0.5

All hosted, customer facing instance of Cells x Lightspeed have been upgraded to version 3.0.5. The Pydio Cells document sharing and collaboration platform now comes with a new flat datasource architecture and enhancements all through its core to deliver a product that ends the compromise between useability and security.

We have chosen not to update existing data stores to the new “Flat Storage” format at this time, but the new “Display Mode” called “Image Gallery” is working well (see UX below for details) especially for event photos, and we’re presently testing Cells Flows and Cells Convert for users on Enterprise Edition. Also new is the password self-reset workflow.

Password Reset

click “Forgot your password?”
type login/email address (usually the same)
You’ll get a DKIM signed email from Cells x Lightspeed
click the big green button


Tons of bug fixes and small improvements were done in all areas of the GUI (JavaScript is now built on top of React 17). Files presentation now offers a new “Gallery” view perfect for displaying folders of photos (“masonry layout”).


About Pydio
Founded in 2012, Paris-based Pydio is a leader in secure, self-hosted enterprise Document Sharing and Collaboration (DSC). With its roots in the open-source community, Pydio’s Cells platform was designed as an alternative to SaaS-based sharing solutions and open-source groupware for organizations with advanced security and compliance requirements. Pydio is the self-hosted platform of choice for security and compliance-minded organizations with an installed base of 1,500 organizations in more than 25 countries. Pydio Cells powers document sharing at organizations such as Nikon, PaySafe, Volvo, Technip, Orange, the USAF, Ministère des Armées, and Crédit Agricole.
Web: https://pydio.com

About Lightspeed
Founded in 1998, Singapore-based Lightspeed is a leader in secure, managed-hosting of complex systems and applications both on Premise (onPrem) or in the cloud. Hardened and performance optimized applications like WordPress, Pydio Cells, WooCommerce and many others are available from the Lightspeed store. Lightspeed is the MSP of choice for security and compliance-minded organizations with an installed base of over 100 organizations in more than 5 countries. Lightspeed securely manages key subsystems at organizations that span the globe, but mostly cannot be named in public.
Web: https://lightspeed.com.sg

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