Snipe-IT upgraded to 6.0.9

Please be advised that as of today, 23 August 2022, the Snipe-IT containers that are Managed by Lightspeed have all been upgraded from version 6.0.6 to version 6.0.9. We have retired the 6.0.6 version across all customers.

What’s Changed (6.0.9)

  • Upgraded jquery-UI by @snipe in #11531
  • Upgraded our fork of laravel-scim-server to better support SCIM creates by @uberbrady in #11528
  • Fixed #11540 – accessory api routes from GET to POST by @Godmartinz in #11541
  • Added checkin without delete for users by @snipe in #11542
  • Fixed #11549 – dark skin dropdown menu fixes by @snipe in #11551
  • Upgraded imagemin by @snipe in #11553
  • Applies current time to checkin date by @snipe in #11547
  • Bumped packages by @snipe in #11554
  • Added link to SEDC / perl-www-snipe by @snipe in #11561
  • Fixed inconsistent *_LOG_LEVEL variables; set reasonable defaults by @uberbrady in #11562
  • Added bulk edit to company view by @snipe in #11593
  • Switched to conditionally adding the nbsp; that the table needs for proper layout if cell is empty by @snipe in #11578
  • Fixed legacy routes for php artisan optimize by @snipe in #11595
  • Fixed date format for Current Date output on location print assigned by @snipe in #11597
  • Adds options to include Deleted assets to custom asset reports by @Godmartinz in #11594
  • Use apropiate string for license actions by @inietov in #11603
  • Hide requested assets if the user cannot see requestable items by @snipe in #11604
  • Disallow checkout if qty = 0 by @snipe in #11605
  • Use unique_undeleted instead of unique for custom fields unique validation by @snipe in #11596
  • Error 404 fixed on submitting without mandatory field by @vickyjaura183 in #11601
  • Added time diff to EOL in asset view by @snipe in #11608
  • Fixed labels on radio buttons in custom report by @snipe in #11609
  • Added deleted_at to custom report export by @snipe in #11610
  • Added configuration change to maintenance types by @snipe in #11611
  • Added relations to report search by @snipe in #11612
  • Fix auto incrementing in CSV importer [sc-19366] by @inietov in #11615
  • Fixed wrong calculation of assigned components by @inietov in #11617
  • Added German (Informal) as a language option (only partially translated currently)

What’s Changed (6.0.8)

  • Fixed custom fields not populating when creating asset from asset model page by @mikeroq in #11451
  • Added covering indexes for performance on license_seats by @uberbrady in #11471
  • Upgrade font-awesome to v6 by @snipe in #11478
  • Fixes padlock icon by @snipe in #11479
  • Changed model file icon by @snipe in #11480
  • Fixes license file(s) delete modal showing entire model data instead of just the name by @mikeroq in #11484
  • Fixed “print assigned” sig broken by @snipe in #11490
  • Fixed migrations on restore by @snipe in #11483
  • Bump codacy/codacy-analysis-cli-action from 1.1.0 to 4.1.0 by @dependabot in #11458
  • Fixes “email list of all assigned” apparently being successful even if the user has no email address by @mikeroq in #11492
  • Added checkbox to exclude archived assets from custom reports by @Godmartinz in #11488
  • Fixes #11496 – Wrong URL generated for download of asset acceptance PDF if locale was not en by @mikeroq in #11502
  • Fixed #11508 – font size in alert menu by @snipe in #11516
  • Changed some autolabeler and code owners by @snipe in #11517
  • Use checkbox formatting on BOM and archived checkboxes in custom report by @snipe in #11526

What’s Changed (6.0.7)

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