Bitwarden x Lightspeed – updated to 2.19.0

Bitwarden was upgraded to 2.19.0. Please be advised that as of today, April 22 2021, the Bitwarden platform that is Managed by Lightspeed have all been upgraded from version 2.16.1 to version 2.19.0. We have retired the 2.16.1 Bitwarden version across all customers.

Security Updates:

For the first major release of 2021, the Bitwarden team combined multiple major enhancements to address the critical needs of all users, including:

  • Emergency Access: Bitwarden’s new Emergency Access feature enables users to designate and manage trusted emergency contacts, who may request access to their Vault in a Zero Knowledge/Zero Trust environment (see here for details).
  • Encrypted Exports: Personal users and Organizations can now export Vault data in an encrypted .json file (see here for details).
  • New Role: A Custom role is now available to allow for granular control over user permissions (see here for details).
  • New Enterprise Policy: The Personal Ownership policy is now available for use by Enterprise Organization (see here for details).
  • Biometric Unlock for Browser Extensions: Using an integration with a native Desktop application, you can now use Biometric input to unlock Chromium-based Browser Extensions (see here for details).